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This web page is maintained by the St. Louis County Libertarian Party for the benefit of Libertarians, libertarian minded people, or for the just plain curious in and around the St. Louis area. This website includes information about Libertarian organizations in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles County and Jefferson County. We also include links for our friends in the Metro-East area. We hope you find it to be a useful source of information about the St. Louis area Libertarian Party


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St. Louis Libertarians get together on the third Wednesday of every month for good food, fun, and conversation! Check out our News and Events page for details!.

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Libertarians support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters: We advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.

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The National Debt...

It's Time For Action Republican and Democratic politicians have refused to reduce the size or cost of government. So we need your help to build a powerful new political party to get the job done -- the Libertarian Party!

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