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The Libertarian Party is a grassroots political organization. Most of the day-to-day work of our party and our campaigns is done by tens of thousands of volunteers working at the state and local level.

A correct e-mail address is the only required field in this form. All other information is voluntary, but the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to contact you and help you get involved.

Note: All information gathered here will not be distributed to sources outside the Libertarian Party. We value the Privacy of every individual.

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  I'll register and vote Libertarian
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  I'll work at my local headquarters
  I'll help with major mailings
  I'll make phone calls
  I'll work at the polls on election day

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  I'll write letters to the editor
  I'll call talk radio programs
  I'll put a banner on my website
  I'll run an ad in my local newspaper

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  I'll help organize outreach tables
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  I'll discuss the Libertarian Party with ten of my friends
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   Social Security
   Internet Issues
   Gun Rights
   Drug Prohibition
   Health Care
   Violent Crime
   Government Spending
   Economic Liberty
   National Debt
   Personal Liberty
   Free Trade
   Foreign Policy
   National Defense
   Bill of Rights
   Government Regulation

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